Our task is to interpret the client's requirements into a design, taking into account the relevant constraints, and develop this into a set of blueprints from which their project can be constructed.  Consideration is also given to the wider context and to those who will ultimately use and enjoy the building.

In undertaking this task a variety of documents, drawings and models will be produced depending on the project.  Some of these will have the purpose of providing a preview of reality prior to putting it into effect, while others will be more about communicating detailed information to contractors explaining in greater detail what is to be built.  The items produced therefore can range from simple concept sketches to design development and  working drawings, written reports and specifications, 2 and 3 dimensional computer models, physical scale models made from wood, card or plastic, photographs, photo-montages and videos.  Some projects may even require full scale mock-ups of key elements of construction.

Ultimately of course the product is manifested in the completed building.

Making it Special :

Beyond answering the functional questions, the real essence of architecture lies in more abstract properties and the way in which they are brought to bear.  Such properties include  Space, Light, Colour, Structure, Line, Form, Shape, Geometry, to name but a few.  They are brought together by the design process with the intention of producing solutions that are both practical and inspiring.  The objective for each project is therefore to organise, with the client, all the elements, functional and otherwise, into an appropriate set of ideas guided by our central design philosophy :

  • A philosophy that looks to the future but has respect for the past
  • A philosophy that seeks to be efficient and do more with less
  • A philosophy that aims to reveal the timeless rather than promote the latest fad

Its all about creating qualities that will lift the spirits of those who come into contact with our work, now and in the future.

13 Charlotte Street, London :

Entrance lobby  - office refurbishment with restaurant unit at ground floor and basement.  Client : Vale Retirement Trust.  Construction Cost : £500,000